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Frequently Asked Questions

Is YES products illegal that violate the law on  Anti-Pilferage?

                  No, It is not illegal and YES products do not violate the Law on Anti-Pilferage. These gadgets reduces electric usage, support and  promote energy conservation. YES gadget is   similar to commonly known automatic voltage regulator (AVR) or an ordinary transformer present in the market. The advantage of YES over AVR or transformer is its unique added   features that cannot be found in the latter.

Is YES products an instrument or gadget that steals  electric power?

                 Our products are plugged directly to the electric outlet inside the house or establishment that legally approved by Electric Power Provider (e.g. Meralco, Electric Cooperative, etc). YES is a gadget that conserves energy. It does not and never steals electric power. It holds, saves, collects and uses the excess electric energy in order to be fully utilized.

Is YES not harmful to appliances or office  equipment?

                 The YES gadgets is not harmful to appliances or office  equipment. Instead, it  prolongs the life of the appliances and protects the same during brownout whether abrupt or  intermittent. For nearly 10 million units of YES gadgets sold in more than 11 years, the management has received no complaints or reports that YES gadget is the cause of appliance malfunction or destruction.

What is inside the YES gadget?

                    The YES gadgets are made of electric and electronics components such as: resistors,   capacitors, diode and the like.

Why is there no Patent Number and Registration for YES?

              The YES products have no patent Number and registration because the inventor opted not to register his invention  with the Patent Office of the Philippines. The Patent Number and Registration is not a license to sell. Patent is a protector of the inventor from imitator and copier as provided by the Government.

Why is there no Product Standard Seal and certification?

                    YES gadget has no Product Standard (PS mark) for the reason that there is no existing Philippines National Standard applicable to this gadget.
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