"The total home protection and savings"


"Cut Down Your Electricity bills!"



Technology has caused a greater demand on electricity that makes us consume more and more energy with hardly a thought to the limits of electricity and the possible shortage in the future. Introducing Ybanez Energy Saver (YES) puts an end to these energy rate problems. YES has the objective of supporting the government on its energy conservation programs and in promoting Filipino inventions and innovations.

This invention was officially recognized in the Philippine Industry on March 30,1995 in Cagayan de Oro City. At present, YES products have already been reached countries outside the Philippines such Germany, Canada, China, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, etc.

The Inventor

In 1988 Electronics and Communication Engr. Carlito C. Ybanez, foresaw a crisis in electricity. This problem inspired him to invent a quality and safe product to save energy. Thus, the birth of YBANEZ ENERGY SAVER.

A family man, a proprietor and an inventor rolled into one, Ybanez was born in crossing Sta. Clara Naga, Zamboanga del Sur on July 29, 1942. Married to Mrs. Joy Tirol Ybanez and presently living in Lapaz, Bogo City, Cebu.


  • Reduces the cost of electricity bills and help provide big savings
  • Automatically regulates voltage and help prolong the Life of appliance and office equipment by protecting it.
  • Conserves Energy, nearly advanced current saver.
  • Protects appliance and office equipment from frequent brownouts and fluctuations that can cause damage and malfunction.
  • Has the capability to hold and delay electricity connection until the power is stabilized.
  • Have 50 years life span and 2 years warranty from the manufacturer that automatically replaces defective units within warranty period.
  • Easy to install.

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